Family Law Mediation

A solicitor practicing family law, has an obligation under section 14 of the 2017 Mediation Act to recommend mediation to their clients prior to the instigation of any proceedings. The Act recognizes that mediation is a cost-effective and efficient way to resolve disputes between parties in family law cases, and that section obliges solicitors to recommend mediation as an alternative option to litigation to their clients.

Joe Coonan is a solicitor who can act as an independent mediator to both parties in family law cases. As a mediator, he can help parties in a family law disputes to reach a mutually acceptable agreement without the need for court intervention. Mediation is a voluntary process, and parties can choose to terminate the process at any time, if they are not satisfied with the outcome. The mediator does not settle the dispute the parties themselves facilitated by the mediator do so. It is important to approach the process of mediation in that frame of mind to achieve a settlement.

A solicitor has a duty as per section 14 of the 2017 Mediation Act to inform their clients about the benefits of mediation and also to recommend it as a viable option for resolving disputes. By requesting Joe Coonan as an independent mediator to both parties, you can be assured that there will be a trusted and experienced professional guiding you through the mediation process and help you reach a resolution that works for both parties.

Mediation can be particularly beneficial in family law cases, as it can help parties to maintain a more amicable relationship and minimize the emotional toll of the dispute on both parties and any children involved. As a parent you will have to maintain a working relationship with your former spouse going forward, particularly if you have very young children. Co-parenting and parental alienation are very common terms presently before the courts and a working relationship will have to be in place going forward. Mediation can maintain this relationship as it is less divisive than litigation it can also be more cost-effective and efficient than litigation.

In addition to his experience as a solicitor, Joe Coonan is also trained and qualified in mediation techniques through the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Coupled with this qualification he has a thorough understanding of the family law system. He can provide a neutral perspective and help parties to communicate effectively, identify common interests, and find solutions that work for both parties.

If you attend a solicitor practicing family law, it is important to remember their obligations under the 2017 Mediation Act and to recommend mediation to you. By recommending Joe Coonan as an independent mediator, you can trust there will be an experienced professional who can guide you through the mediation process and help reach a mutually acceptable agreement. You can contact Joe on 087 1666938 or at