Commercial Mediations

As a seasoned solicitor with years of experience before the courts, Joe Coonan has seen it all. He knows that disputes between businesses and during construction projects can be a stressful and time-consuming process, but he’s here to help. As an independent mediator, Joe can act as a neutral third party, helping both parties reach a mutually beneficial resolution to their commercial dispute.

Joe’s expertise lies in his ability to listen to both sides of the argument and work collaboratively with each party to find common ground. He understands that every case is unique, and takes the time to understand the intricacies of each dispute. Whether it’s a disagreement over contracts, intellectual property, construction projects or any other business-related issue, Joe is equipped with the knowledge and experience to help both parties reach a resolution.

As an independent mediator, Joe offers an alternative to the traditional legal route of resolving disputes. He understands that litigation can be costly and time-consuming, and often leaves both parties feeling dissatisfied with the outcome. By working with Joe, businesses can avoid the expense and stress of going to court, and instead work towards a resolution that works for both parties.

Joe’s approach to mediation is based on open communication and mutual respect. He creates a safe space for both parties to express their concerns and opinions, and works to find common ground between them. He believes that by focusing on the underlying interests of both parties, rather than their positions, he can help them find a solution that meets their needs. He builds rapport with both parties prior to any meeting by meeting them individually and finding out what their position on the dispute is.

In addition to his skills as a mediator, Joe is also an experienced solicitor. This means that he has a deep understanding of the legal frameworks that underpin commercial disputes, the enormous legal fees that arise out of them and can offer guidance and support throughout the process to avoid the accrual of any such fee. He can help businesses navigate complex legal issues, and ensure that any agreement reached is legally binding and enforceable.

If you’re facing a commercial dispute and are looking for a more collaborative and cost-effective way to resolve it, Joe Coonan is here to help. With his expertise in mediation and commercial law, he can help both parties reach a resolution that works for everyone. Contact Joe today on 087 1666938 or at to learn more about his services and how he can help you resolve your commercial dispute.